19 december, 2005

Trailer for Da Vinci Mysteriet

Sony har sluppet den første teaser/trailer for "The Da Vinci Code" som vi kan stå i kø for at se d. 19. maj til næste år.

Jeg har været en smule nervøs med hvordan resultatet af denne filmatisering vil ende, primært fordi Tom Hanks slet ikke passer på det billede jeg har af Robert Langdon. Men efter at have set traileren og Tom Hanks med halv langt akademisk professor hår, så er jeg meget mere rolig.

Se rigtig godt efter, der findes altid koder i forbindelse med Da Vinci Mysteriet, her er hvad jeg har fundet men der sikkert mange flere.

The trailer for the coming motion picture of Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code is out and can be found on the SoDarkTheConOfMan.com site.

As always with Da Vinci Code related material there are codes hidden in the trailer. The following is what I have found, but there is most likely many others.

The Trailer

At the end of the trailer a couple of text screens are shown, on some of these ther are letters that are iluminated (pun intended) more than others.

The word "Seek" is undoubtfully highlighted in the above screenshot and the next text screen looks like this.

The letters T, H, S, E, C, D, E and O are highligthed on this screen. It is not rocket since to form the single lettes into the following sentence THE CODES. So the two text screens actually spells out.


This is also written a couple of places on the website for the movie, so I think the decryption is ok.

US website

If you follow the link to the US website, you are presented with a Flash animation zooming into the Mona Lisa and shows a mashup of some of Leonardo da Vinci artworks.

Each of these works contain a hidden code (or at least I think so), these are my findings.

On Mona Lisas collar the sentence Find Robert Langdon is written.

The mathematical formula (1+sqrt(5))/2 for the Golden Ratio is clearly visible in the hair.

The first seven Fibonacci numbers. The Fibonaci numbers are actually related to the Golden Ratio, since the ratio between two neighbor fibonacci numbers approximates The Golde Ratio.

A vague PS is visible if you look hard, these are the initials for Priory of Sion.

Again you have to look hard, but "Rose Line" is actually visible.

This one is causing me trouble and I have actually not been able to find a code in this picture. I will take a look tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to find the code, logic tells me that it must be there.

This one is easy, the words San Greal are clearly visible.

All of the above "codes" are well known terms from The Da Vinci Code, but if there are any further meaning to them I do not know.

Happy hunting.

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