03 marts, 2005


Last night I finally recovered the lat/lon coordinates for my position in this planet and registered at GeoURL, again.

GeoURL has been down for quite some time, but now it appears to be back and kicking, if you do not believe me read on.

After adding the button to my blog I came to think that it would be great to have the lat/lon visualised some way. I rememberede a blog entry Clagnut wrote about MultiMap, so I wrote the following e-mail to Ask Asbjørn Hansen at GeoURL.

Thank you for returning to cyberspace and now also in the blogosphere.

Have you considered using http://www.multimap.com/ or maybe even making someking of partnership with them?

Their map service covers most of the world and let you link directly to their maps using longitude and latitude, for example:


The above link will bring you pretty close (damn close) to where I live and that is using the same coordinates that I have registred with GeoURL. So a link next to a blog, that would link to MultiMap would be a great visualization of your data. You had the same service for North American coordinates on the old GeoURL, it allways bothered me that it was a NA thing only, but using MultiMap you could extend this to most of the world.

They also support registering blogs on their service and it is possible to have blogs shown on the maps as you would hotels and gas stations. Richard Rutter over at Clagnut, who is working for MultiMap made the intial introduction of this service in the post below.


Hope you will consider somekind of integration to this.

Best regards,
Laust - http://www.defoged.dk/

Allready this morning I had a reply back from Ask, in Danish, saying that he had allready implemented links to MultiMap. He even made this post on the GeoURL blog.

Now is the time to take a look at GeoURL if you want to put your blog (or webpage) on the map.

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